Lionnel Genovart was born in 1976. He began his artistic training from his secondary education at the college Fernando Fader. Interested in art in three dimensions he also studied sculpture with Azcárate.
He was Assistant of the group Muro sur, painting murals within the Boca Junior Stadium.
At the same time he began to study violin making with Italian teacher Franco Ponzo.
From 1997 to 2004 he worked at I Violini as luthier, as Restorer of violins, violas and violoncellos.
He continued training with international violin-maker: Burkhard Menze (Germany), Ivan Guimarães (Brazil) and Burkhar Meyer (atelier Hyronimus Köstler).
In 2005 he opened his own atelier, important restorations and maintenance of instruments. However, the highlight of the atelier are violins made by Genovart, that are chosen by important local and international musicians for its sound quality.
In 2008 he took intensive training in high-level restorations with Maestro Horacio Piñeiro (New York).
For the quality of his work, he was elected as one of the Luthiers of the Primer Concurso Internacional de Violín, in July 2010, Buenos Aires.
In 2012, he participated in the jury of the Competition of instruments of Esquel, organized by the CIEFAP.
In 2013 was curator and speaker in the 1º Exhibición de Luthería Argentina, in Museo Nahim Isaias of Guayaquil, sponsored by the Ministry of culture and heritage of Ecuador.
From 2012, Genovart created a Luthier workshop for musicians of orchestras, conservatories and academies in Argentina, Ecuador and Uruguay.
Last time ago, he restarted his plastic work in sculpture and painting looking for new artistic way:
The works belong to a real search in the link stablished among the musician, the violin and the sound, manifests the chiaroscuro in the intensity of the sound.